Mini vegan corn dog bites on skewers served on a plate.

Vegan Corn Dogs

Vegan corn dogs are a summer favorite for their ease of preparation and indulgence factor. They’re “meaty”, fluffy and crispy.

These corn dogs are enveloped in a pillowy batter with the faintest hint of sweetness, they have the right amount of crunch, and a soft, smoky vegan hot dog in the middle.

How To Make Vegan Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are one of the most delicious comfort foods out there and thankfully, they are easy to make at home. It starts with preparing the fluffy, airy batter. In a bowl, mix together all-purpose flour, corn meal, baking powder, sugar, and seasonings. Then add the wet ingredients: agave, liquid egg substitute, almond milk and vegan ranch. Stir until it makes a cement-like paste.

For this recipe, we are making mini vegan corn dogs so we’ll need 12 wooden skewers. Break them in half and set aside. Next, open the pack of vegan hot dogs (I recommend Lightlife Smart Dogs) and cut each link into thirds – it will make 24 bite-sized pieces.

At this time, start preparing the fryer by pouring 2″ of oil into a pot with high sides. Place on medium-high heat and let it get hot.

When choosing a frying oil, use one with a high smoke point. Great options are: vegetable oil, grape seed oil and avocado oil.

How To Fry Homemade Corn Dogs

As the oil heats up, start assembling the corn dogs. Working with one hot dog chunk at a time, insert the skewer on the end and dip into the batter, coating the entire surface. Don’t worry about little holes that might be showing – when cooked, the batter with expand and puff out. Place the battered corn dogs onto a plate as you work your way through all the hot dogs chunks.

When the oil has heated up, add about 4 of the battered corn dogs into the oil. Carefully place each one into the pot, one at a time, with the skewers facing up. Be mindful as to not overcrowd the pot as adding too many at the same time can cause the corn dogs to stick together. Fry each batch for around 4 minutes, until the exterior is golden brown.

Work in small batches and use paper towels to drain some of the oil from the corn dogs. Serve the corn dogs immediately for the best taste, and don’t forget the condiments!

Vegan corn dogs are a delicious and easy meal, perfect for those comfort food cravings. Serve with Crispy Fried Chicken and Vegan Drumsticks for an over-the-top sampler platter. If you like this recipe, subscribe to receive recipes in your inbox, leave a rating below and don’t forget to tag @PlantBasedDogGuy on Instagram!

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